About Us

we owe success to experience , philosophy , services and investigation.

Since 1995, we have diligently pursued expertise in the fields of Irrigation and Landscape, following our graduation. Subsequently, we engaged in a multitude of projects across various locations in the Middle East characterized by low precipitation levels. Our journey encompassed adapting to diverse environments and mastering a range of Irrigation methods tailored to landscapes and xeriscaping. After 28 years, we have established our own company in a new country, with the aim of imparting our wealth of experience to others


Our goal is to explore, develop, and find solutions to enhance the various phases of plant growth for increased profitability, productivity, and efficiency. We also aim to support ongoing improvement and the sharing of knowledge with our employees and clients, fostering mutual growth. Through the use of automation and intelligent irrigation techniques, we strive to expand green spaces while conserving water resources.


Our years of dedication have taught us how to blend precision irrigation, landscaping, and agronomic knowledge to assist clients in creating well-planned green areas with suitable irrigation systems, even in arid regions. Over more than two decades of collaboration with our client community, we’ve consistently delivered the solutions our clients seek, ultimately positioning us as a leading company in our field.